Zuiderzeerally 2016 – Kampereiland – Kamperveen Photo’s

Logtnest Photography Zuiderzeerally 2016 - Kampereiland - Kamperveen Photo's Zuiderzeerally 2016

On march 19th 2016 the Zuiderzeerally visited Kampen again. Sixty-six rally teams started for the 2016 edition. The sixth match was stopped after car number six had crashed, because of the crash rescuers had to enter the track.

The Zuiderzeeshortrally was won by Hans Weijs and Dennis Kuipers won the rally. Riedemann had to leave this rally with technical problems, but was able to start at the Zeebodemrally. The new Zeebodemrally was won by Christian Riedemann.

Below you can see my photo’s of the event. The photo’s are taken at the three tracks at Kampereiland and Kamperveen. If you like these photo’s then you might also be interested in my photo’s of autosports.

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