Various Photos

Photo’s with passion

My photography is based on two pillars: speed and rest. I like to picture speed by “freezing” or emphasizing it. On the other hand, I would like to photograph the tranquility of landscapes and nature. The picture is edited carefully so that it has a pleasant atmosphere. So, you can encounter both tough and atmospheric pictures in my webshop.

Materials for each interior

There are several high-quality materials to choose from. From a simple print, optionally framed, and canvas, to the more modern materials like acrylic glass, dibond, steel, wood and Xpozer. Also picture wallpaper is possible. The prices on the site are for canvas. Click on an artwork to see prices for other materials and formats.

Trusted ordering

Quality is also important when handling the order. The order in the Dutch webshop is handled by Werk aan de Muur. They are experienced in the processing of art on the materials offered, and also have the hallmark of Thuiswinkel Waarborg. As payment method bank transfer, iDEAL, Credit Card and Paypal are accepted. Customers from Belgium can also pay with MisterCash.

The examples from the shop are in Dutch. We also have a French and a German version of the shop.

Below you can find my photo’s  with various subjects, which are available for sale at the Werk aan de Muur shop.