Privacy and cookie policy

Privacy and cookie policy is the  website of hobby photographerArjan van de Logt. In the context of the General Data Protection Regulation, I will describe in this privay statement what date is being processed and how it is processed.

Personal data that is being processed

On this website you can only contact the owner of the site through the contact form. When you use the contact form, then the owner of the website will received the name and E-mail address you provide in the form to make it possible to reply to the message. When you leave a reaction at one of the blog articles, then you have to leave a name and e-mail address. The Name will, when the reaction is validated, be shown next to your response. This information will be saved as long as the article and reaction will be kept at the site. shows like buttons to enable you to share the page with one of your social media accounts.This option is available for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. When you click one of these buttons, the social media will be contacted and they can start collecting data and placing cookies. This will be done according to the policies of the social media. 

To get an idea about the visitors of the website, Google Analytics is used. Data that is being gathered are:
• cookies
• IP-addreas (anonymous)
• user agents (browsers, operating system)
• search texts to find this website through a search engine
• search texts to search inside the site itself
• links used to navigate through the site
• external links used to find this site
The statistics that are being gathered will be kept for 26 months. For processing this data accepted Google’s Data Processing Amendment. IP-addresses will be processed anonimous. This means that only a part of the IP-address is processed and saved. This waythe IP-address cannot refer to you as a person. The data gathered  is not shared with Google or others. Options for this are disabled in Google Analytics. To learn more about Googles privacy policy, read their  Privacy statement. If you do not want Google to process your visit to this site, you can use the opt-out If you do not want Google to process your visits to websites that use Google Analytics, then you can use their plug-in.

Sharing of data with others will only share your data with other parties when it is absolutely needed to fullfill an agreement with you or to obey to a legal obligation.

Cookies, and similar methods used just uses technical, functional en analytic cookies. For Google Analytics cookies are used that do not breach your privacy. A cookie is a small text file that is saved on your computer, tablet or smart phone when you first visit a website. The cookies placed by me are needed for a properly functioning website and to improve the ease of use. They will store your preferences, for example. You can change the settings of your webbrowser to disable the use of cookies for all websites. You can also remove previously stored cookies from your browser.

Third party content sells photo’s through other parties. When you click one of the options in the menu Image Sales, then you will see my webshop. The information on these pages is provided by Werk aan de Muur. As long as you stay on the pages of Werk aan de Muur will not process any data about you. On the pages of the webshop you see photo’s and prices. when you click one of these photo’s to learn more about the options offered or to buy a photo, then you will go to the website of Werk aan de Muur. They have their own privacy statement. When you place an order, then they will process all data needed to fullfill this order. They do not share this data with I will only learn in which town a photo is sold.
On the page Stock photo’s you will find links to Stock agencies which sell photo’s of me. Most of these agencies have their head quarters outside the EU. Those agencies sell digital versions of my photo’s They handle the complete process of selling the photo and do not share data about the buyer with I will only learn what my royalties are and under which license the photo is sold. Some agencies report to which country a photo is sold.

Privacy statements of Stock agencies