Photography in the Speulderbos

Logtnest Photography Photography in the Speulderbos The Speulderbos

The Speulderbos is a forest that is popular among Dutch photographers for it’s “Dancing trees”. The forest which is part of the Veluwe is centuries old. It lies east of Putten near the village Drie. Many photographers love it’s unique atmosphere which is often enhanced by fog and sunbeams. 

A large part of the forest contains oak, beech and birch trees. Those parts are often called the ‘tree forest’. The parts with fir trees are called the ‘dark forest’. The parts with pine trees are called the ‘light forest’.  This gives the forest a lot of variation. The large amount of dead wood attrackts a lot of animals. It also provides a good environment for mushrooms.

The question rises why this forest has so many tortuous trees. Since many forest in the Netherlands do not. Many forests are quite young and have planted trees. Often to produce wood. In the Speulderbos the straight trees were chopped down to build sheds and houses. The tortuous trees were left behind. After those years the forest became a hunting ground for the royal family. And so the forest kepts it’s Original condition. These days Staatsbosbeheer takes care of the forest and leaves it like it is, as much as possible.

Fog gives this forest with the Dancing trees a mysterious feel. Especially when you think of the old stories and legends:about the Solse gat, the burial mounds and Jantje van Speulde, the mummy of a woman who lived in this area about 3500 years ago.

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