Oostwold Airshow 2017

Logtnest Photography Oostwold Airshow 2017 Oostwold Airshow 2017

This year we had the ninth edition of the  Oostwold Airshow. An airshow held every two years. I think a welcome airshow for many aviation enthausiats. Because it is one of the few airshows this year, with even the luchtmachtdagen, missing.

On both pentecost days, 30.000 people attended the Oostwold Airshow. There were several, often vintage, aircraft at display. But there also were tractors and living history group  ETOR 40-45 was present. The show offered civil and military acts. There were post war observation aircraft like the O-2 Skymaster and OV-10 Bronco. Then there were aerobatic teams like the Dutch Thunder Yaks, Belgian Red Devils and Global Stars Champion Aerobatic Team UK. The Breitling Wingwalker team is a regular guest, which reminds of the days of barnstormers and the Flying Circus. Even though safety is now an important issue. Their acts are special with two young ladies performing acts on the upper wing while the aircraft are performing aerobatics. And ofcourse famous dutch acts like the P-51D Damn Yankee, and bare metal Spitfire and the Fokker Four were at the show.

Highlights of the show are the warbirds from world war two. Though Oostwold Airshow only has a few compared to Duxford, it is the show with most warbirds in the Netherlands. Every time you can see some unique aircraft from The Fighter Collection, like a Corsair in one of the earlier shows. This year there were some well known Curtiss aircraft: the Hawk and Warhawk. Besides there were a Spitfire Mk.IX and Spitfire LF.V. This time the Norwegian Spitfire Foundation was present. They were in the Netherlands for the first time and broughta P-51D in RAF colors and a Spitfire in the colors of wing commander Rolf Arne Berg. This Spitfire is special because of the personal markings. And the visit is extra special when you know that this experienced pilot was killed by FLAK on february 3. 1945 near Eelde. His goal was to attack Ju-88 bombers which were sighted before.But the bombers were not at Eelde, but probably on another airfield in Germany.

In all the show had a lot of variation. Besides the enthausiasts it drew complete families who enjoyed the show from the seats they brought with them.

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