Militracks 2016

Logtnest Photography Militracks 2016 Militracks

May 14th and 15th was the seventh edition of Militracks, since it started in 2010. Militracks is a large event where dozens of vehicles, used by the German Wehrmacht, are shown. It is not just a static display, many of the vehicles drive around the perimeter and spectators can ride along for a fee.

The event is at the terrain of the Oorlogsmuseum in Overloon. This museum started in 1946 as the Nationaal Oorlogs- en Verzetsmuseum (National War and resistance museum) at a place where a large and destructive tank battle had been fought. Some of the items are wrecks that were left behind at the battlefield at Overloon. Examples are a Panther and a Churchill tank. In 2006 the Marshall museum moved to Overloon and both musuems went on carrying the name Liberty Park. Since 2013 the name is Oorlogsmuseum. The Marshall museum added some 200 vehicles and tanks of various era’s. For the 2017 edition you can take a look here.

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