Medieval Festival Hanze 2017

Logtnest Photography Medieval Festival Hanze 2017 Medieval Festival Hanze 2017

When you approached the Cellebroederspoort od the “Wijde blik” in the park of Kampen, you would get the impression you travelled back to mediëval times. 1427 to be exact, the year that the forces of the duke of Gelre attacked Kampen.

This particular attack is know since it is described in the  chronicles of the town, probable the oldest in the Netherlands. The areticle about the event describes how the troops of Gelre approach the town in the night of june 25th to steal cattle. Militia and horsemen led by Johan van Vechtdorp from Münster donned their armor. Also the militia of Brunnepe ende Hagen, then small villages just outside the townwalls, come to aid. The counter attack is a victory for Kampen and vesides the dead and wounded, the banner of Harderwijk is left behind. The banner was taken to the town to honor Saint Nicholas. Saint Nicholas is a patron saint to Merchants and sailors, and so to port cities. The Bovenkerk in Kampen is also called Sint Nicolaaskerk.

In 2017 over three hundred re-enactors are gathered bij re-enactment group Ridders van de IJssel. The re-enactors come from various groups and all over Europe to organise a huge mediëval festival as part of the hanzedagen. Besides a large camp with citizens and craftsmen you can see soldiers and Knights. A few of those Knights even brought horses to demonstrate things like the spectacular jousting. In this mediëval game the Knights attack eachother with lances, while riding on a horse.

The highlight of the mediëval festival is the battle of Kampen which is performed every day. In this battle the troops of Gelre attack using cannons. Then the militia of Kampen starts a counter attack and a massive battle ensues. Soon after the horsemen of Kampen enter the battle, victory can be claimed.

In all I saw a well organised event, where you could see and do many things. Besides the bigger events, the re-enactors did all kinds of demonstrations for the visitors. It is nice to see how a small group of people can entertain a large audience with their expensive hobby. All praise to these volunteers. Together with the Cogs, this mediëval festival took you back to the old times of the Hanseatic League.

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