Luchtmachtdagen airshow 2016

Logtnest Photography Luchtmachtdagen airshow 2016 On june 10. and 11. the Luchtmachtdagen airshow was at Leeuwarden Air Force Base. There were 280.000 visitors at the event, many probably to see the two new F-35A Lightning II aircraft (Also known as Joint Strike Fighter). The JSF’s were in the Netherlands for a few weeks to test noise levels and for a promotional tour. Unfortunately the weather was grey and hazy, causing many dull photo’s. But the cloudbase was high enough to the large demo teams like Frecce Tricolori and Patrouille de France to give a nice show. The Air Stike Deo with Chinooks, Apaches, F-16’s and the two F-35’s was impressive. Here the bad weather was an small advantage. The high speed maneuvres created nice Vortex effects.. Especially the high speed pass of the F-35 created a good visible Prandtl-Glauert Singularity effect. This is a shockwave which is created when an aircraft approaches the speed of sound. Below some photo’s of the airshow.


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