Light painting with steel wool

Logtnest Photography Light painting with steel wool Fireworks

Since the end of the year is approaching fast, this time an article about fireworks. Well, no real fireworks, but a photography technique called Light painting. Light painting is typically done when it’s dark and with a long shutter time. A figure is painted on the photo using an illuminating object.

One of the lessons of the photography course which I follow was about light painting. At the skatepark we have been working with steel wool. Something what I wanted to do for a long time allready. Steel wool burns nicely. You have to put some of it in a whisk and tie the whisk to the end of a rope. Then you swing it around and let the Sparks fly. When you take photo’s with a shutter time of several seconds you can create spectacular effects. But you have to be carefull, since hair, clothes or dry grass might be ignited by the sparks.

With this fireworks show I’d like to wish all the visitors of this site a happy 2017!

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