Kingfishers in the Biesbosch

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Kingfishers are among the most popular animals in the Netherlands. At least you will get that impression when you search the internet. Besides foxes and  roaring red deers you will encounter those birds a lot. And yes, my wife and I got the Kingfisher-virus as well. We allways wanted to see a Kingfisher. And in october 2015 it finally happened, my wife saw a Kingfisher…  in our own garden! A joung bird sat down on a purple loosestrife next to our pond. She kept visiting our pond for about a month, but she was very hard to photograph. With the slightest movement in our living room she was gone.

Since then we searched for more information about Kingfishers and visited places where they were supposed to be. We saw a couple, but still at a large distance. While searching the internet for Kingfishers, we bumped into the site Here we saw an interesting workshop for photographing Kingfishers in the Biesbosch. We contacted Bas Breetveld and planned a trip around the end of the year. But unfortunately the water was too high due to a south west wind holding on for several days, and the Kingfishers were no longer at their usual spots. We picked a new date at the end of may. But this time the water was too low, and there was no fish for the Kingfishers. Again we had to pick a new date. But at least it was clear that Bas did everything possible to guarantee a succesfull trip. Something we have seen differnetly during “safari’s” while on holiday. 

To the Biesbosch

This week our chance had arrived. Everything did look fine. Even the young birds had left the nest a few days before. A few days too early if you ask us, but at least they were there. The weather was fine, dry and not too hot. With his boart Bas took us to a good spot to watch Kingfishers. And while Bas was setting up the tent, we saw the first Kingfisher skimming the water. We setteld in the tent, and Bas gave us several tips for getting the best photos and a can of good coffe. Then he left us to ourselves, while he went to check on antoher site. About half an hour later, the first Kingfished landed in front of our tent and started cleaning itself. And so it went on for a few hours.Unfortunately the fish was eaten on a branch just behind the reed. Then they started teasing us a little.  They started to pick spots just out of our range, or we heard them behind and over our tent. Bas made sure we had seen our Kingfishers, or else we would have moved to another spot. But we had plenty of time to watch and photograph our Kingfisher.

Finally it was time to turn back/ Before we arrived at the car, we had a nice trip with the boat. Even though Bas crossed the waves of ships nicely, sometimes some refreshing water splashed over the boat. Back in the harbor it was time to return home and to view our photos. And we are happy with our results of a very nice trip to the Biesbosch.

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