High speed photography: Exploding baubles

Logtnest Photography High speed photography: Exploding baubles Baubles

Baubles, we know them for many years now, but where do they come from? Who decorated the Christmas tree with baubles for the first time?

Tough Christmas is known as a Christian event, many things are not Christian, like the tree and decorations. Many of these elements come from old German rituals. The Germans celebrated the winter solstice on december 21., the shortest day of the year. The celebration is also known as Yule, the Scandinavian word Jul still reminds of it. The old Germans decorated Oaks with lights and fruit.

The Christmas tree as we know it now, was first mentioned in the seventeenth century. Writings from 1604 in Strasbourg mention decorated Pines and Spruces which were placed in the living room. The tree was decorated with fruits and nuts. Slowly this tradition spread over the whole of Germany. The Protestant areas first, and later the Catholic areas. Slowly the tradition was accepted in the Netherlands as well. Though it rarely happened before the nineteenth century.

The stories about the bauble are different. Some sources point out the similarities with the witch balls that were used to scare off witches. Lauscha in Germany was founded around a glassblowers workshop in 1597. The first baubles were made there in the seventeenth century. Slowly the popularity of the baubles spread over Germany. Before that the trees were decorated with fruit, nuts and candy as well as own made paper figures. After prince Albert places a Christmas tree decorated with baubles in Windows Castle, it became popular in England. This started the export of baubles for Lauscha.

High speed photography

High speed photography is a kind of photography where fast moving objects are photographed. Often the motion is “frozen” in this kind of photography. Examples are: bursting balloons, bullets and pellets, water drops and so on. Often timers are used to achieve a proper timing. These devices respond to liht, sound or motion and trigger the camera. Triggers and be bought or you can build your own by using an Arduino, for example.

Exploding objects often make spectacular images. Babules are cheap and fragile, so they are nice to use for High Speed Photography. Especially when you fill them with some material, the results can be surprising. Since it is december, I decided to post some of my babule photo’s.

And for the next season I have allready prepared some new spectacular photo’s.

A selection of my photo’s of baubles is for sale at the stock agencies.

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