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From march 27. to april 7. the annual Frisian Flag exercise is taking place. This is the biggest air force exercise in Europe.Besides the Netherlands Germany, Belgium, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France and the United States are taking part this year. Poland cancelled for the event this year. In all over sixty aircraft and 1600 personnell are involved. Besides the fighters which take off from Leeuwarden AFB, supporting aircraft like tankers and AWACS take off from other airfields.

The US have sent F-15’s of the Louisiana and Florida Air National Guard. These aircraft will stay in Europe after the exercise as part of the operation Atlantic Resolve. The Commanders aircraft of 159th FW wears the nose art “Killer Legacy” and three green stars. The stars are kill marks for a MiG-23 on january 29. 1991 and two Su-22’s on februari 7. 1991.

The exercises are executed twice a day above the North Sea. The exercises improve experience working with international coalitions. Besides interception of hostile aircraft scenarions like attacking ground targets in cooperation with forward air controllers at the ground or sea are trained.

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve also got a nice series of photo’s of the 2016 edition.

Large versions of these photo’s are available as stock photo.

Departs fromQuantityAircraft typeOriginRemark
Leeuwarden AB, EHLW10 EF2000Germany, GAF
12F-15C/DUnited States, USAF125th and 159th FW
7F-16AM/BMBelgium, BAF
12F-16AM/BMNetherlands, RNLAF312,313 & 322 squadron
5F-16AM/BMPortugal, FAP
4Mirage 2000D/NFrance, FAF
6Tornado GR4United Kingdom, RAF
5Mirage 2000D/NFrance, FAF
Eindhoven AB, EHEH1A310MRTTGermany, GAFTanker, EART
1C-130HNetherlands, RNLAFSupport
1C-135FRFrance, FAFTanker, EART
1KC767AItaly, ItAFTanker, EART
1KDC-10Netherlands, RNLAFTanker, EART
Geilenkirchen, ETNG1E-3NATOAWACS
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