Photo’s of Sail Kampen 2018

Logtnest Photography Photo's of Sail Kampen 2018 During the easter weekend we had the sixth edition of Sail Kampen. This maritime event is held every few years at the start of the sailing season. The goal of the first edition of Sail Kampen was to promote the hanseatic city Kampen and to show the importance of shipping to Kampen.

Bruine vloot and the Kamper Kogge

Many of the ships featuring at Sail Kampen are ships of the “Bruine vloot”. These are traditional sailing ships. Nowadays these ships are mostly used for passenger shipping. Common ships are the Barge, Botter, Clipper, Shooner and Tjalk.

Besides the fleet of traditional sailing ships there are many other ships like steamships, a marine vessel and replicas. Ofcourse the Kamper Kogge is present as well. The Kamper Kogge is a replica of a Cog from 1340 which was found in Flevoland. Though Cogs are widely known from the Hanseatic leaguge in the thirteeth century, it was allready mentioned in the tenth century. The Cogs likely were first used along the Frisian coast or the west coast of Jutland. In the eleventh century, when Limfjord was closed, the Cogs became larger and stronger because they had to circumnavigate the dangerous Cape Skagen to reach the Baltic Sea.

De Halve Maen and the State Yacht

De Halve Maen is a replica of the ship that discovered the area of New York in 1609. It was looking for alternative routes to Asia. After the discovery of new land, Nieuw Amsterdam was founded. De Halve Maen sailed the Hudson river, which was named after the english captain of the ship. On the second trip the Hudson Bay was discovered. There the captain, his son and some comanions were left behind. The ship returned to the Netherlands. After that the ship was mostly active around Indonesia, until it was sunk in a battle. In 1909 the Dutch population gave the city of New York a replica which was lost to a fire in 1934. In 1988 a new replica was built on iniative of dr. Andrew Hendricks. In 2014 the town of Hoorn got the replica on loan for at least five years.

State Yacht De Utrecht is a replica of a ship that was used from the seventeenth to the ninteenth century to transport high-ranking people. The replica was built in six years by around hundred young people, The drawings which were used came from 1746 and were made by Pieter van Zwijndregt.

Below you can find a selection of photo’s which I made of Sail Kampen.

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