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Thurstday june 15. the hanzedagen started. Though the official opening would be in the evening with a performance of “Slagerij van Kampen”among other things, there allready was a fleet show in the afternoon. Sail Kampen usually is in the Easter weekend, the time that the sailing season starts. That is Sail Kampen you can see many and often special ships as Sail Kampen. The Hanzedagen are in the middle of the sailing season and many ships are occupied. Probably that is why some people though that th show wasn’t as big as it should be. But still there were botters, punters, cutters and other vintage ships to see. And besides our own “Kamper Kogge” the Poeler cog “Wissemara” and the carvel “Lisa von Lübeck” were invited as special guests.

The Buitenhaven port, at the north side of Kampen traditionally was a port for fishingships. The port was rebuilt in the first years of this century, after it was demolished in the sixties. Since it is open again it harbors botters and punters besides the Kamper Kogge. Especially for the fleet show of the Hanzedagen extra botters and punters from other places occupy the harbor. To make sure people can reach and visit the cogs, the cogs were moved to a large pontoon which as placed just outside the harbor.

At two o’clock the ship slowly left down the river to return at three to greet the major of Kampen. The major resided on a ship himself for this fleet show. At their arrival, the sails of the Cogs could be seen from far. Slowly they approached the town and the major. But the cogs were not the first to greet the major. Inland waterway vessel Meander passed them to show that ships are still important to the Hanze. The huge  blade of a wind turbine on deck showed that renewable energy is taken serious again. The immense vessel made the cogs look tiny, what makes you respect the people who sailed the seas with those small ships. And the respect grows when you realise that the “Lisa von Lübeck” was seriously damaged in a storm near Helgoland on it’s way to join the fleet show in Kampen. The crew was safe, but sure had a scary time. But due to the damage they had to return home.

The fleet show took about half an hour where you could see old and new ships. Eventually the ships moared at the IJsselkade around the main stage of the Hanzedagen. On this stage there are many things to see, artists like “Slagerij van Kampen”, “Common Linnets, AMDG and “Her Majesty”.

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