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Photography in the Speulderbos

The Speulderbos The Speulderbos is a forest that is popular among Dutch photographers for it’s “Dancing trees”. The forest which is part of the Veluwe is centuries old. It lies east of Putten near the […]

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Bird migration on Schiermonnikoog

Bird migration on Schiermonnikoog In  spring and autumn there is a bird migration going on.  housands of birds fly past us to and from their wintering area. Our coastline is a good guideline to find […]

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Kingfishers in the Biesbosch

The Kingfisher Kingfishers are among the most popular animals in the Netherlands. At least you will get that impression when you search the internet. Besides foxes and  roaring red deers you will encounter those birds […]

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Young Coots

Coots Coots are common birds. Despite their soot-colored feathers, they are a striking appearance because the white beak gives a sharp contrast. They are found in almost any park and on any lake. Their big […]

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European adder

Adders The common European adder is a wide spread snake that can be found from Western Europe to Eastern Asia. Adders are the most wide spread of all snakes living on land. You can meet it at sea […]

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Birds in the garden 2016

Birds in the garden In the Netherlands birds in the gardens are counted in januari. In the four years we live in our house, this has been a little disappointing. We do see various birds […]

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Roaring Red deer

In september and october it is mating season for the Red Deer in Holland. One of the most popular locations in Holland to watch and listen to the deers, is the Hoge Veluwe. Usually mating season at […]

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