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First operational F-35 Lightning II arrives

October 31. 2019 was the big day that the F-35 Lighting II arrived in the Netherlands. The brand new F-009 arrived from Italy to land at Leeuwarden air base. Allready in 2016 the first two […]

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Photo impression of Frisian Flag 2018

Frisian Flag 2018 After my nightly visit to Leeuwarden Air Force Base in february, it was about time to head that way again for the annual Frisian Flag exercises. The exercise allways takes place at […]

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Night flying Leeuwarden Air Base

Night flying Part of the training for Air Force pilots is night flying. These exercises are often in the dark winter months. The long evenings make it possible to practice earlier in the evening to […]

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HWIC and TAC helicopter exercises of the RNLAF

HWIC/TAC helicopter exercise From februari 5 to 23, the Royal Netherlands Air Force exercises flying low with helicopters. There are two kinds of exercises: Helicopter Weapons Instructor Course (HWIC) and TAC (tactical) exercises. Usually the […]

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Oostwold Airshow 2017

Oostwold Airshow 2017 This year we had the ninth edition of the  Oostwold Airshow. An airshow held every two years. I think a welcome airshow for many aviation enthausiats. Because it is one of the […]

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Frisian Flag 2017 photos

Frisian Flag 2017 From march 27. to april 7. the annual Frisian Flag exercise is taking place. This is the biggest air force exercise in Europe.Besides the Netherlands Germany, Belgium, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France […]

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Luchtmachtdagen airshow 2016

On june 10. and 11. the Luchtmachtdagen airshow was at Leeuwarden Air Force Base. There were 280.000 visitors at the event, many probably to see the two new F-35A Lightning II aircraft (Also known as Joint Strike Fighter). […]

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Arrival of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

The Lockheed Martin F-35 is developed for the Joint Strike Fighter program. The Joint Strike Fighter Program started in the early nineties to replace various aircraft. The competetors in the program were the Boeing X-32 […]

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Frisian Flag Leeuwarden AFB 2016 – Photo’s

Frisian Flag From april 11. to 22. 2016 was the thirteenth edition of Frisian Flag. Frisian Flag is the North European version of exercises like Red Flag and Maple Flag in the USA and Canada. The […]

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