Light painting with steel wool

Fireworks Since the end of the year is approaching fast, this time an article about fireworks. Well, no real fireworks, but a photography technique called Light painting. Light painting is typically done when it’s dark […]

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High speed photography: Exploding baubles

Baubles Baubles, we know them for many years now, but where do they come from? Who decorated the Christmas tree with baubles for the first time? Tough Christmas is known as a Christian event, many […]

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Roaring Red deer

In september and october it is mating season for the Red Deer in Holland. One of the most popular locations in Holland to watch and listen to the deers, is the Hoge Veluwe. Usually mating season at […]

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Luchtmachtdagen airshow 2016

On june 10. and 11. the Luchtmachtdagen airshow was at Leeuwarden Air Force Base. There were 280.000 visitors at the event, many probably to see the two new F-35A Lightning II aircraft (Also known as Joint Strike Fighter). […]

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Battle of Bourtange

Battle of Bourtange June 4. and 5. 2016 the Battle of Bourtange was played in the fortified town Bourtange in Groningen. It is the biggest annual reenactment event in the Netherlands. One year the scene […]

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Arrival of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

The Lockheed Martin F-35 is developed for the Joint Strike Fighter program. The Joint Strike Fighter Program started in the early nineties to replace various aircraft. The competetors in the program were the Boeing X-32 […]

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In my post about the kitesurfers I allready wrote that I am following a photo course. One of the excercises was portrait photography.One of the tasks was to make portrait photo’s with feeling, but not with smiling people. […]

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Kitesurfers So far, I have not done much photography, and because of my interest in aviation, most of it was at airshows. Since a couple of months I’m discovering othe possabilities of photography. To help […]

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Militracks 2016

Militracks May 14th and 15th was the seventh edition of Militracks, since it started in 2010. Militracks is a large event where dozens of vehicles, used by the German Wehrmacht, are shown. It is not […]

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Spijk “Terug naar toen” – Battle of Delfzijl Photo’s

During the weekend of april 16th and 17th, the Battle of Delfzijl was remembered during the event “Spijk terug naar toen”. Most people do know the Battle of Overloon, but not everybody knows that some […]

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Frisian Flag Leeuwarden AFB 2016 – Photo’s

Frisian Flag From april 11. to 22. 2016 was the thirteenth edition of Frisian Flag. Frisian Flag is the North European version of exercises like Red Flag and Maple Flag in the USA and Canada. The […]

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Off Road Rit Ruinen 2016 – Photo’s of motorbikes

Off Road Rit Ruinen Sunday march 13th.  MC’80 in Ruinen Netherlands organised the annual Off Road Rit Ruinen. The motorcross track is about 46 km long and leads through the Woods and fields around the village […]

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