Fleet show Hanze 2017

Fleet show Hanze 2017 Thurstday june 15. the hanzedagen started. Though the official opening would be in the evening with a performance of “Slagerij van Kampen”among other things, there allready was a fleet show in […]

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Oostwold Airshow 2017

Oostwold Airshow 2017 This year we had the ninth edition of the  Oostwold Airshow. An airshow held every two years. I think a welcome airshow for many aviation enthausiats. Because it is one of the […]

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Workshop photographing birds of prey

Photographing birds of prey At the end of may my wife and I joined a workshop photographing birds of prey. This workshop was organized in Gelselaar by Keimpe and Marleen of Valkerij Schaap. Besides fifteen participants, Andreas Hütten was present. He […]

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Militracks 2017

Militracks 2017 This year there was another Militracks event at Oorlogsmuseum Overloon At this event you can see various German vehicles from world war two. The museum was founded in 1946 on the remainers of […]

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Steam-pump station Mastenbroek

Mastenbroek The 35 square mile medieval polder Mastenbroek, between Zwolle, Kampen and Genemuiden is an area which need good water management. After centuries of draining water in a natural way and using wind mills a steam-pump station was […]

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Young Coots

Coots Coots are common birds. Despite their soot-colored feathers, they are a striking appearance because the white beak gives a sharp contrast. They are found in almost any park and on any lake. Their big […]

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Tulips flowering

Tulips In spring the Dutch landscape becomes very colorful. The tulips are flowering and cause the scenes which the Netherlands are famous for. Though the Netherlands are famous for tulips, they do not originate from […]

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European adder

Adders The common European adder is a wide spread snake that can be found from Western Europe to Eastern Asia. Adders are the most wide spread of all snakes living on land. You can meet it at sea […]

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Frisian Flag 2017 photos

Frisian Flag 2017 From march 27. to april 7. the annual Frisian Flag exercise is taking place. This is the biggest air force exercise in Europe.Besides the Netherlands Germany, Belgium, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France […]

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Historic Grand Prix 2016

In september was the Historic Grand Prix 2016 at Circuit Park Zandvoort. During the nice day I took many photo’s and finally I found the time to make a nice selection. Many different races could […]

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Birds in the garden 2016

Birds in the garden In the Netherlands birds in the gardens are counted in januari. In the four years we live in our house, this has been a little disappointing. We do see various birds […]

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Fireworks with calcium carbide

For many years people in Brunnepe and Kampen use churns and calcium carbide to shoot at new years eve. This tradition started in the early years of the twentieth century. In those years carbide was […]

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