Baubles high speed photography

Baubles The holidays are over, so it is time to remove the Christmas decorations. Some people remove it right after Christmas, so the Christmas tree can be burned in the bonfire. Others wait until Epiphany, […]

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Shuttertime explained

The shuttertime is, together with the apertre, the setting which you will use to bring creativity into your photo’s. With the shuttertime you determine wether you give the photo some motion or you freeze the […]

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Aperture explained

While ISO is a setting which you only use to adjust the exposure, aperture is one of the important settings which you can use in a creative way. It helps you to set how much […]

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ISO explained

What is ISO? ISO is, together with aperture and shuttertime, one of the three basic settings you use in photography. You use the ISO-setting to change how sensitive the sensor is to the light that falls […]

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Exposure triangle explained

When you are new at photography, terms like ISO, aperture and shuttertime might not sound very familiar. All of them are part of what is called the exposure triangle. Together they influence how light or […]

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Kingfishers in the Biesbosch

The Kingfisher Kingfishers are among the most popular animals in the Netherlands. t least you’ll get that impression when you search the internet. Besides foxes and  roaring red deers you will encounter those birds a […]

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Medieval Festival Hanze 2017

Medieval Festival Hanze 2017 When you approached the Cellebroederspoort od the “Wijde blik” in the park of Kampen, you would get the impression you travelled back to mediëval times. 1427 to be exact, the year […]

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Fleet show Hanze 2017

Fleet show Hanze 2017 Thurstday june 15. the hanzedagen started. Though the official opening would be in the evening with a performance of “Slagerij van Kampen”among other things, there allready was a fleet show in […]

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Oostwold Airshow 2017

Oostwold Airshow 2017 This year we had the ninth edition of the  Oostwold Airshow. An airshow held every two years. I think a welcome airshow for many aviation enthausiats, since it is one of the […]

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Workshop photographing birds of prey

Photographing birds of prey At the end of may my wife and I joined a workshop photographing birds of prey. This workshop was organized in Gelselaar by Keimpe and Marleen of Valkerij Schaap. Besides fifteen participants, Andreas Hütten was present. He […]

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Militracks 2017

Militracks 2017 This year there was another Militracks event at Oorlogsmuseum Overloon At this event you can see various German vehicles from world war two. The museum was founded in 1946 on the remainers of […]

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Steam-pump station Mastenbroek

Mastenbroek The 35 square mile medieval polder Mastenbroek, between Zwolle, Kampen and Genemuiden is an area which need good water management. After centuries of draining water in a natural way and using wind mills a steam-pump station was […]

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