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Logtnest Photography Birds in the garden 2016 Birds in the garden

In the Netherlands birds in the gardens are counted in januari. In the four years we live in our house, this has been a little disappointing. We do see various birds in our young garden through out the year, but rarely in januari.

This weekend the food is untouched, though I can count on it that it will be gone by the end of the week. A male Blackbird is searching for food and taking a bath in the flow, but that’s about it for this year. The skies around the house are dominated by Guls, Crows and Magpies.

The year before we only saw a Wren. I’m not sure whether the cold wind in our street or the big birds keep the smaller birds at a distance… Because the plants in our pond start growing sooner then in the canal behind the house, we can be sure to have a couple of ducks in our pond in spring. The first photo’s shows our old cat lurking at them in our garden to be.

The rest of the year we regulary see Sparrows, Great tits and Collared doves in the garden. Last winter we saw a Kingfisher for the first time in our own garden. We heard there was a good chance she would return, and she did. In the early morning and late afternoon there was a chance to see her for about a month. But with the smallest movement in our house the shy bird was gone, what made it hard to take a nice picture.

This year the Blackbird made it’s first nest in our garden. Since a Pyracantha overgrown with Honeysuckle was a favorite nesting place of the Blackbirds in our old garden, we placed those together again in this garden. This made it possible to take a picture of a male Blackbird feeding it’s hatchling. Since the father didn’t trust the sleeping cat on my lap, it wanted the begging kid to go somewhere safer.

Also nice to see was that this year the Common moorhen in the canal had nice little kids as well. At the end of the summer three Buzzards were circling around the house for a long time. One passed low over our garden. A little later two of them gave a spectacular show while fighting in the air.

The serie ends with two robins. I heard one fly against the window. That is when I saw the first one sitting on the rocks. I figured it was the bird hitting the window until I approached the door and saw the other one sitting just outside with a wounded wing.

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