Bird migration on Schiermonnikoog

Logtnest Photography Bird migration on Schiermonnikoog Bird migration on Schiermonnikoog

In  spring and autumn there is a bird migration going on.  housands of birds fly past us to and from their wintering area. Our coastline is a good guideline to find the way. That is why many birds can be seen on the Islands along our coast. This year we made a trip on Schiermonnikoog with

It was a beautiful sunny day. Twenty-four degrees Celcuis and little wind. Excellent weather to stay on one of the Wadden Islands. But for our purpose actually a little too goodn. The bird migration benefits from the good weather and the birds travel high over the island. Despite that, we have seen a total of 73 species. Many coastal birds such as gulls, including the Caspian gull, and waders. And also smaller birds such as thrushes were present on the island.

During the  excursion we crossed the island between the Westerplas lake and the Kobbeduinen. We were paying particular attention to the more special species. And we were quite Lucky to see a few more special species. On the Westerplas there was a young red-necked phalarope. A small wader that can only be seen in the Netherlands during autumn. And only in small numbers. In addition, a number of yellow-browed warbler were present on the island. After a long search we saw two of them, but unfortunately they did not let themselves be photographed properly. Another fairly rare migratory bird we saw is the Merlin. This small falconous flew around at the Kobbeduinen. Three Rough-legged Buzzards could also be seen at the Kobbeduinen. Unfortunately, they were too far away for a nice photo.

In all, we had a nice day, and we have seen many birds which you don’t see often if you are not looking for them. A visit to the Wadden Islands in the migration seasons is therefore recommended. Below are some pictures of our visit to Schiermonnikoog.

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