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The holidays are over, so it is time to remove the Christmas decorations. Some people remove it right after Christmas, so the Christmas tree can be burned in the bonfire. Others wait until Epiphany, on januari 6. But then you have to think what to do with all those decorations and baubles. Store it in the attic? And what if you don’t have any storage room? And what to think of all the work, carefully packing the baubles, so they won’t break… Storing decorations is big business. Websites tell you what you can do best, and shops sell you special boxes to store your Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations themselves also are big business. Every year there are new trends and colors. And when you want to follow those trends, then you have to buy new decorations every year. This makes it extra difficult to store all those Christmas decorations somewhere. So, what is left is to throw it away. We’re living in the throwaway age anyway, don’t we? That besides glass or plastic chemicals like silver nitrate are used to produce baubles, is just a detail.

High speed photography

But when you have decorations you want to dispose, and you also like to take photographs, then you can do some fun things before disposing them. Shooting the baubles, for example. When you fill them with sime colored water, you can take some nice photo’s. It’s allways a surprise what the photo will look like, even though you can influence the timing. Last year I had another article about shooting baubles. There I told a bit about the history of the bauble.

And besides, you can also give the baubles to people who can still use them.

A selection of my photo’s of baubles is for sale at the stock agencies.

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