Battle of Bourtange

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June 4. and 5. 2016 the Battle of Bourtange was played in the fortified town Bourtange in Groningen. It is the biggest annual reenactment event in the Netherlands. One year the scene is built around the year 1640, where Spanish troops have occupied the town. The other year the scene is 1814 where French troops have occupied the town. Both times the Dutch and their allied liberate the town. The troops camp in and around the town and the reenactors show daily life in such camps. Soldiers march through town while citizens do their own thing. You can see brawls and trials, for example. These re-enactment events are also known as living history.

This year the ear was 1814, and the small town was filled with citizens and soldiers of the Napoleonic era. Many reenactment groups from various countries were present for this event. Besides French and Dutch soldiers, British and Prussian soldiers and militia also were present. Even the soldiers of Brunswick were available. The many countries and batallions all had their unique uniforms, creating a colorfull event. All groups had their camp in and around the town. There cooks were making food and soldiers were exercising. The allied tried their first attack at the back side of the fort, but were repelled. Later both forces met on a field just outside the walls. They attacked with canons, muskets and sabres. Real gunpowder was used for the canons and
muskets, causing a lot of noise and white smoke. After a fierce battle the French retreated inside the fort, but refused to surrender. The allies took the fort after the sappers blew up the gates.

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