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Logtnest Photography Battle for Bourtange 2019 Battle for Bourtange

It’s been a couples of months since my last post. So time for a new post. A subject which I haven’t posted about for two years allready: reenactment. The Battle for Bourtange to be more specific. In 2016 I also visited the event and back then it was about the Napoleonic wars. This time about what is known in the Netherlands as the eighty years war. In Europe it is better known as the Thirty year war. The difference is because the revolt in the Netherlands started about fifty years before the Thirty year war.

The eighty years war was a war for independence for the Seventieen provinces, today known as the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. It was a revolt against king Philip II of Spain. There were several reasons for the revolt. Two important ones were resentment of the nobelty agianst the Spanish authorities. The other one was relegious tension. The Dutch had allready embraced the Reformation. At the Battle for Bourtange, over seven hundred reenactors from all over Europe demonstrated what the battles during this war did look like. They used canon’s, and pikemen and musketeers showed their skill’s during several demonstrations and battles.

Even though Bourtange never was the scene of a battle during the war, it is a great place to what it did look like back then. Bourtange has a lot of buildings from the era, and the fortifications were restored to the Original condition in the 1980’s. A great environment to see people in old fashion clothes doing all kinds of things. And there are a lot of good places to show the fight’s in the Battle for Bourtange. Many of them cook and sleep in the tents placed around the small town.

I hope you enjoy the photo’s!

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