About Arjan van de Logt

Arjan van de LogtArjan

In my daily life I work in ICT. In my spare time, I feel myself a photographer.

My style of photography is based on two pillars: speed and rest. I like to picture speed by “freezing” or emphasizing it. On the other hand, I would like to photograph the tranquility of landscapes and nature. The goal is allways to create a picture that reflects the atmosphere of the moment.

Action and rest

I started with photography through my interest in aviation. Since then I slowly started to do more and mote with photography.  Action photography is a favorite subject. With a friend I visit various events. Subjects often are aviation, re-enactment and autosports. The goal is to picture the action in a nice way. Another form of action photography of mine is high speed photography.

Beside that I love the peace of nature. Walking through the forest in the early morning, looking for that beautiful picture. Be it an animal, an element in the landscape or a great view.

Post processing

Besides photography I’m interested in working with software like Photoshop for a couple of years now. It started out with making textures for flight simulators. These days I mostly edit photo’s. So, besides photo’s which only had a color adjustment or a little cropping, you can also find images which are heavily processed in Photoshop or other software.

The Blog on this site will mostly tell about trips and series of photo’s. But the portfolio will also show single photo’s which I will regulary update. I hope you will enjoy my work. Some of the photo’s are for sale in my webshop. If you have any questions, you can contact me.