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In my daily life I’m an ICT professional. In my spare time I love to wander around and take photo’s.

Modern life is all about technology and environment. As a modern human being, I can’t do without technology, while I realize that my environment is important. This is what my photography reflects.

I started with photography through my interest in aviation. Since then I slowly started to take more and more photo’s.  Action photography is a favorite subject. So, subjects often are aviation, re-enactment and autosports. My goal is to picture the action in a nice way. Another form of action photography of mine is high speed photography.

Beside that I love the peace of nature. Walking through the forest in the early morning, looking for that beautiful picture. The subject can be an animal, an element in the landscape or a great view. Last year I joined Fotoclub Kiekendief and Vereniging Natuurfotografen Noord-West Overijssel & Flevoland to meet other photographers.

The Blog on this site tells you something about the photo’s shown in the various posts. In the portfolio you can look at the photo’s themselves. I hope you will enjoy my work. If you really like them, then take a look in my webshop. Follow me at Facebook or Instagram to stay updated! If you have any questions, please contact me.