The heritage of Simmers Paint Shop

Simmers Paint Shop

Looking for Simmers Paint Shop? Just read on. You probably landed here because you were searching for Simmers Paing Shop or you did follow a link to Simmers Paint Shop. Well, I’ve got some sad news: Simmers Paint Shop closed after ten years in januari 2016. The reasons were mainly lack of time and financial.

But the good news is that not everything is gone. After questions from several visitors, I decided to copy many of the resources to this site. The only thing is that I am not able to host the large skinning templates here. And I have also left the files behind, which are not compatible with the software used nowadays.

So, where to go for what you are looking for:

If you want to meet the people who were hanging around at SPS you can find them at the SPS Facebook group and at Beyond the Sprues.

The color charts, the fonts, the markings, the utilities and the tutorials are all on this site.

Note that the resources which come from Simmers Paint Shop will be taken off-line after 2016. This is because they consume almost all resources of this blog.

Thank you for visiting us.


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